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UTCC Voice: Newsletter of the United Taxidrivers Community Council (Online Edition)

Common Sense Corner: How patience and respect earned me $50 in tips...

It started out like this: I picked a man up from a building on the north side of Berwyn and Lake Shore Drive, where the doorman helped the man into my cab by opening the door for him. After he got in he said, “Orleans and Illinois Street, please”. I glanced at the man while I was backing up onto the driveway of the building in order to go west on Berwyn. The man was wearing glasses, was in his fifties and did not look at me, possibly trying to avoid eye contact.


Two more reasons for Driver Safety Placards

When cabdriver Ivan Njuba picked up two sailors from Union Station on Memorial Day who were headed to the Great Lakes Naval Station, he hardly expected anything to go wrong. But instead of getting a juicy $100 fare to round off his shift, Njuba ended up having his taxicab carjacked and his life threatened at the end of the trip.

UTCC meets with Senator Durbin’s in solidarity with Indian guest workers

Delegation to Senator’s office urges protections for guest workers on hunger strike

Chicago, IL – Dozens of Chicago-area groups sought support today from Senator Dick Durbin in securing continued presence for about one hundred guest workers from India. A dozen of the workers are on their fourth week of a hunger strike In Washington, D.C.

Në Memorial Day...

Në memorial day unë isha në mbledhjen e „UTCC”që ishte e hapur për të gjithë taksistat, pasi ishte lajmëruar një kohë të gjatë kishte një numër bukure të madh taksistësh, por unë isha i vetmi shqiptar, po kjo s’do të thotë se unë jam vetëm në këtë biznis apo diçka i vaçant.


Enfin, une organisation pour la défense efficace et effective des droits et intérêts des conducteurs de taxi à Chicago.

Portée dur les fonds baptismaux, UTCC en Janvier 2008 à la suite des assises d’AFSC, les organisateurs ont décidé d’unir les efforts pour voir dans quelle mesure prendre cmpte les nombreuses plaintes des conducteurs de taxi de Chicago, victimes à la fois des brimades policières et de l’injustices des compagnies de taxi. En effet les objectifs de l’UTCC sont entre autres:

• Défendre les intérêts et droits de conducteurs de taxi à Chicago.

Common Sense Corner

Do you hate short trips from the airport? I don’t, and after you read this column I think you will change your mind and agree with me. There is nothing wrong with short trip fares from the airport, and your passengers cannot help living in a short trip zone. You cannot change this fact, so don’t get mad or agitated, because this is not going to change anything. If you sound any objections or bad comments, you will be accused of being rude and disrespectful, and your passenger might get out of your cab and tell the starter.

Comedy and Tragedy in the life of a Cabdriver

The One Day, One Fare Career of One Chicago Cabdriver

There once was a man who heard from his cabdriver friends in Chicago that it was easy enough to get a chauffeur’s license. He also heard that the money was decent, the job was low key, and for independent-minded hard workers, it was ideal. It also served the public well, as a cabdriver helps people get where they need to go, and they also pay you, and they are usually grateful. All this sounded pretty good to him…

Letters to the Editor

Veteran driver writes to Commissioner Reyes against new Rate Sheets

Dear Commissioner Reyes,

Incident Reports: After a driver refuses to pay a bribe, hotel staff assail him with racist language

(Details erased for confidentiality purposes)

This incident happened on an early Sunday morning, March 9, 2008 around 8 AM, after a long 40 minutes of waiting in a cab line at the xxxxxx Hotel. A doorman named xxxxx came up to me. I was the first cab in line. He told me, “My man, if you wanna get a fare from here hook me up with a couple dollars.” I have seen him previously taking money from cabbies that were not in line, while some other cabbies were still waiting in front of the gate. These other cabbies cut through the line because they were paying money to the doorman.