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UTCC Voice: Newsletter of the United Taxidrivers Community Council (Online Edition)

Comedy and Tragedy in the Life of a Cabdriver

After driving for three years, I have wanted to know one thing: “What type of people do not pay their fares?” Well after three years, I have identified at least six different types who steal fares- and this is how it happened:

The Stranger

I pick up a very well dressed and polite lady, and when I drop her off, she just gets out of the cab and walks off without paying- When I catch her, and ask her to pay me- she just says “do I know you? I have never seen you before…” and keeps walking!

The Birthday Girl

Common Sense Corner

What is the closest instrument to the steering wheel? If your answer is the horn, you are indeed mistaken. I have my own word regarding this, although this is not my topic. The horn is a type of warning incase of an emergency. It is not a mean of communication. You cannot use it to call the attention of a friend across the street. It is not meant to alert someone on the second floor of an apartment. Furthermore, you may receive a violation in certain locations where there are signs posted in the vicinity of quiet areas.

Respect and Decency

A lawsuit is a civil legal action in which one party is suing another party for money, property or other remedy or relief.

An injunction is an order of a court requiring a person, corporation, or government unit to stop doing something and to keep it from performing that action in the future. Otherwise there could be irreparable harm that money damages alone could not replace.

Why are seven cabdrivers trying to get an injunction against the City of Chicago?

Incident report form: What it is and how to use it!

To All Chicago Cabdrivers:

We members of the UTCC have been working hard to address the many serious issues facing our Chicago cabdriver/worker community here in Chicago.