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Two more reasons for Driver Safety Placards

When cabdriver Ivan Njuba picked up two sailors from Union Station on Memorial Day who were headed to the Great Lakes Naval Station, he hardly expected anything to go wrong. But instead of getting a juicy $100 fare to round off his shift, Njuba ended up having his taxicab carjacked and his life threatened at the end of the trip.

UTCC meets with Senator Durbin’s in solidarity with Indian guest workers

Delegation to Senator’s office urges protections for guest workers on hunger strike

Chicago, IL – Dozens of Chicago-area groups sought support today from Senator Dick Durbin in securing continued presence for about one hundred guest workers from India. A dozen of the workers are on their fourth week of a hunger strike In Washington, D.C.

United Taxidrivers Community Council growing in numbers & support

An interview with UTCC Chair Fayez Khozindar and Spokesperson Ron Florence by Thom Clark of the WNUA (95.5 FM) program “City Voices”

Interview of UTCC Chairperson Fayez Khozindar, and UTCC Spokesperson Ron Florence with Thom Clark of the “City Voices” program at WNUA

Incident Reports: After a driver refuses to pay a bribe, hotel staff assail him with racist language

(Details erased for confidentiality purposes)

This incident happened on an early Sunday morning, March 9, 2008 around 8 AM, after a long 40 minutes of waiting in a cab line at the xxxxxx Hotel. A doorman named xxxxx came up to me. I was the first cab in line. He told me, “My man, if you wanna get a fare from here hook me up with a couple dollars.” I have seen him previously taking money from cabbies that were not in line, while some other cabbies were still waiting in front of the gate. These other cabbies cut through the line because they were paying money to the doorman.

Cabdrivers to Daley: ‘We need a permanent fare increase!’ as $1 Gas Surcharge in effect

Cabdrivers denounce ordinance which includes controversial provisions that triple fines, reduce fare rates to suburbs

Groundbreaking victory in Shen case as attacker brought to justice

In February, veteran driver Stanley Shen, 57 years old, was attacked by 26 year old Thomas Gnaidek in broad daylight without provocation.

“I want to know what I did to deserve such violence,” says Shen. On February 24, Shen was with a fare at a stoplight at 18th and Halsted, when he was rear-ended. “When the driver of the car behind me approached my vehicle, I thought he wanted to talk, but instead, he started repeatedly throwing punches,” says Shen.

UTCC leads discussion on post-9-11 racism after documentary film “A Dream in Doubt”

Cabdrivers were one of the greatest victims of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath- many people of Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian descent had to leave Chicago amidst immigration raids and deportations by the newly formed Department of Homeland Security. But this was only the beginning- violence against cabdrivers shot up dramatically as some people turned rage at the 9-11 attacks into racist violence against America’s hardworking immigrants.

Incident report form: What it is and how to use it!

To All Chicago Cabdrivers:

We members of the UTCC have been working hard to address the many serious issues facing our Chicago cabdriver/worker community here in Chicago.