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Comedy and tragedy in the life of a cabdriver

There was a cabdriver who picked up a fare at 4:30 in the morning at the Red No Five bar on Halsted and Hubbard Street. You should know that this is a very expensive bar, with a large cover charge and very overpriced drinks and very pretty people who have money who go there. His fare was a young white American male, dressed very nice. He was going right up Halsted St. to Webster, at 2200 North.

Comedy and tragedy in the life of a cabdriver

Unanswered Questions

A few months ago, I was sent to pick up a fare from Terminal 1 at O’Hare Airport. I picked up a woman with two children and lots of bags. She wanted to go the Economy Parking Lot- as we got there, she asked to be dropped of inside the gated area.

Comedy and Tragedy in the life of a Cabdriver

The One Day, One Fare Career of One Chicago Cabdriver

There once was a man who heard from his cabdriver friends in Chicago that it was easy enough to get a chauffeur’s license. He also heard that the money was decent, the job was low key, and for independent-minded hard workers, it was ideal. It also served the public well, as a cabdriver helps people get where they need to go, and they also pay you, and they are usually grateful. All this sounded pretty good to him…

Comedy and Tragedy in the Life of a Cabdriver

After driving for three years, I have wanted to know one thing: “What type of people do not pay their fares?” Well after three years, I have identified at least six different types who steal fares- and this is how it happened:

The Stranger

I pick up a very well dressed and polite lady, and when I drop her off, she just gets out of the cab and walks off without paying- When I catch her, and ask her to pay me- she just says “do I know you? I have never seen you before…” and keeps walking!

The Birthday Girl