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UTCC launches membership drive

The United Taxidrivers Community Council started its membership drive on September 22, 2008 and is proud to announce our first member, Farah Musse Mohamud who came to our table at Baba Palace to pay his dues and receive his membership card. (See photo)

Since that day, we have had an amazing response from you drivers, with many community leaders joining our membership ranks, and vowing to promote membership in the UTCC in their respective communities.

UTCC calls for unification of cabdrivers’ movement

The United Taxidrivers Community Council called for a Unity Forum of Chicago cabdrivers on Sat. Aug. 9th. It was held at Baba Palace, at Orleans and Chicago Avenues in Chicago, where the idea for the UTCC itself was born back in January of this year, 2008.

The UTCC decided to call this Forum three weeks ago in order to try to bring together the many perceived ‘groups’ of cabdriver organizations that we had been hearing about, and some selected leaders in their communities that we had come into contact with in our organizing efforts.

UTCC: Who are we and where did we come from?

UTCC’s origins lie in the injustices and exploitive working conditions faced by Chicago cabdrivers. In 2006 an organization called the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, attempting to respond to the many complaints they had been receiving from the Muslim cabdrivers here in Chicago about unfair treatments at the hands of the City of Chicago, approached progressive allies who could assist them in the endeavor to address these issues. They found the American Friends Service Committee a willing partner.