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Reflections on UTCC’s First Year in the Struggle for Justice

When I heard some drivers were receiving tickets at the O’Hare parking lot while they were praying in the shelter, I knew I had to do something about it, especially I after I received such a ticket. I went home and I wrote a few lines in the form of a petition to protest such action by the Aviation Officers at O’Hare. In the following two weeks, I collected 1,400 signatures and I submitted them to the Commissioner of Aviation during a meeting with city officials at O’Hare.

Common Sense Corner: How patience and respect earned me $50 in tips...

It started out like this: I picked a man up from a building on the north side of Berwyn and Lake Shore Drive, where the doorman helped the man into my cab by opening the door for him. After he got in he said, “Orleans and Illinois Street, please”. I glanced at the man while I was backing up onto the driveway of the building in order to go west on Berwyn. The man was wearing glasses, was in his fifties and did not look at me, possibly trying to avoid eye contact.

Common Sense Corner

Do you hate short trips from the airport? I don’t, and after you read this column I think you will change your mind and agree with me. There is nothing wrong with short trip fares from the airport, and your passengers cannot help living in a short trip zone. You cannot change this fact, so don’t get mad or agitated, because this is not going to change anything. If you sound any objections or bad comments, you will be accused of being rude and disrespectful, and your passenger might get out of your cab and tell the starter.

Common Sense Corner

What is the closest instrument to the steering wheel? If your answer is the horn, you are indeed mistaken. I have my own word regarding this, although this is not my topic. The horn is a type of warning incase of an emergency. It is not a mean of communication. You cannot use it to call the attention of a friend across the street. It is not meant to alert someone on the second floor of an apartment. Furthermore, you may receive a violation in certain locations where there are signs posted in the vicinity of quiet areas.