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Common Sense Corner: What to do, and what not to do on the roads...

By admin - Posted on 15 August 2008

By “Common Sense Man”

I know that not everybody drives the same way I do, meaning that people are different and they drive different ways. Here are some common sense tips from a veteran cabdriver to keep you and those around you safe on the roads. Remember if someone is in a hurry, let him go! It takes 2 impatient drivers to create an accident…

Be careful on the highway- don’t pass from right lane, remember drive right, pass left and notice the merging areas where the exit and entrance is of the highway. Be careful not to crowd the people coming into the highway by merging into their area- this is a no no! Stay away from the entrance of the highway- just keep going at a steady speed with the flow of the traffic.

On the highway don’t be combative and you don’t have to race because you are going with the flow of traffic no matter how many times you change lanes and no matter how many violations you commit you will not be gaining time, because the flow of traffic will prevent you from being in the front. And when you do change lanes, use your signal! Be careful of driving in bridges in the winter time because thy get frozen.

Now you are on the highway and in front of you is a slow moving vehicle in the passing lane- what do you do? You give them a signal? Put on the brights? Honk? Flip him off? Insult him? All these will not help you pass that slow car… The best solution is to let it be and to go around with care.

Don’t race on the highway or Lake Shore Drive. I notice a lot of people are going to the airport and they all race each other for no reason! They’ve all got to go the same place- the terminal- so what is the use?

Something else to remember- since we have the seat belt we have to use it; Its the law- or you will get a ticket!

When you come to the intersection use one lane, if their is enough space for the right lane to pass, don’t block the whole intersection. Let the traffic go… some people like to turn right on red, if its available, if its permissible. So don’t get insulted, again let them go! Pay attention and only take only one lane at a time at the top of the intersection, so you will not get insulted.

Most intersection in the suburbs have sensors, so please don’t pass the line by the sensor otherwise you stay there for a long time and the light wont turn green.

When you pick up and load luggage, come to the curb don’t block the street! That is a ticket! And don’t pick up anybody or load luggage while you have a passenger- this is disrespectful, and it is a ticket- The passenger with you could complain!

When the passengers on the sidewalk want a cab, he’s not going to stop them, if they are racing- he’s going to hail the slow moving cab, who seems to be a careful driver!

Don’t reject anybody, any passenger, because that black man on the sidewalk may be a city inspector and take you to the office and let his boss know you did not stop for him.

If you eat in your car, clean inside and out. If you go to the airport with a dirty & dusty cab you could get a ticket about 65 dollars or more- so clean your cab- its not worth it!

Don’t lose your temper- one driver got in an argument with a doorman at the Hyatt and it got loud and very rowdy, and the end, the driver dropped his pants and exposed himself! Unfortunately for this driver, it was all video-taped and that driver lost his medallion! Don’t lose your cool- most intersections are under surveillance these days!

When you come in to the area in front of hotels with your passenger, please don’t block other cabs because other cabs are leaving! Stay in line and let your passenger get out behind the other cabs. They were first, they unloaded already, and want to leave. If you come to the left of them, you prevent them from leaving! So, don’t do that!