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Become a member & build YOUR ORGANIZATION!

Current Benefits Package:

$100 per year - Less than 30 cents per day!

  • Membership Card
  • 1-year Traffic Bond Card
  • Driver Safety Placard
  • UTCC T-Shirt (for a limited time!)

The Road Ahead: Future Benefits

  • $5000 Life insurance
  • $5000 Accidental Death/Dismemberment
  • Discounted health services
  • Discount prescription card
  • Tax Filing & Earned Income Tax Credit

Our future goal: Legal Support

UTCC is seeking to develop legal benefits for our drivers, such as discounted court defense, parking ticket defense, small claims court defense. We also have attorneys who we work with on a pro-bono (donated) basis in order to defend cases which represent systemic issues such as civil rights and workers rights. We are working hard to provide you with the best benefits package, but we need your support today to secure the future tomorrow!