Comedy and Tragedy in the Life of a Cabdriver

By Steve Kim - Posted on 15 May 2008

After driving for three years, I have wanted to know one thing: “What type of people do not pay their fares?” Well after three years, I have identified at least six different types who steal fares- and this is how it happened:

The Stranger

I pick up a very well dressed and polite lady, and when I drop her off, she just gets out of the cab and walks off without paying- When I catch her, and ask her to pay me- she just says “do I know you? I have never seen you before…” and keeps walking!

The Birthday Girl

When I picked up another very well dressed and polite young lady in her 20s- when we got to her destination, she pointed a gun at me and said “Its your lucky day- cause its my birthday, I’m not going to kill you… I’ll just take your money!”

The Pimp

I picked up a young couple leaving a bar and when we get to his destination, and the boyfriend says ”if I show you see my girlfriends’s breasts I wont pay you-“ I said “what!?”, and turned around- only to see his girlfriend exposing herself. Then the boyfriend says “Now you saw them already- I’m not paying you again!” and gets out of the cab.

The Drunk

After we arrive at the destination- I say “wake up”, “wake up!” – after he wakes up he says he doesn’t have any money!

The Bar Hopper

Once I brought 6 ladies to Excalibur- and as soon as I got there, they just got out of my cab and went to the nightclub without paying me- I tried to chase them down but in this area, I couldn’t find a place to park, or to stand while I went to them- finally when I got there, they had gone in and I could not even get inside!

The Unfit Navigator

I was taking home three young people in their 20’s and I realized that the street they gave me was wrong. I asked them twice but they would not respond, because they were too drunk and in their own worlds. Finally when we get to their neighborhood, they accuse me of taking the long route and refuse to pay!

A lot of people think that “young black males” do not pay their fares and run off- from my experience, this is a stereotype, which is not at all true!