Common Sense Corner

By Fayez Khozindar - Posted on 15 May 2008

What is the closest instrument to the steering wheel? If your answer is the horn, you are indeed mistaken. I have my own word regarding this, although this is not my topic. The horn is a type of warning incase of an emergency. It is not a mean of communication. You cannot use it to call the attention of a friend across the street. It is not meant to alert someone on the second floor of an apartment. Furthermore, you may receive a violation in certain locations where there are signs posted in the vicinity of quiet areas.

Back to our main question: What is the closest instrument to your fingertips while driving? The answer to that is your turn signal, which most drivers ignore, misuse, or do not use at all. What is the philosophy of using the signal, then? It is also used for warning, but only when you are about to do something different than what you are currently doing. You should use the signal before you attempt to change lanes, move your car from park gear, before you are going to pull over, and for any other needed reason.

And since we are talking about signals, let me ask you a question? What do you do when you come to a stop sign, and one other car comes to the same stop sign at the same time- do you wait till the other car blows their horn for you to move? Or can you wait till the car behind you gives you a push to move you out of the spot? Of course not! You should pay attention to the intersection and respect other drivers- And give them a signal, using your hand or your head or a smile, or a wave- just don’t sit there- that will save you time and gain you respect from others!

Remember the slogan that stated “Move to the right for sirens and lights”? I would like to suggest a new slogan to remember. “Take my lane, take my turn, just give me a signal.” So please, whatever you do, use your signal. And whatever you do in life, you need to use a little common sense.
Next issue; short trips from the airports.