To my fellow African Drivers

By Paul Archibong - Posted on 15 August 2008

Good day, my fellow cab drivers. Many times we’ve all talked about having representation for us cab drivers. This is it!

UTCC is the voice for cab drivers, formed by cab drivers to represent us. As we all know, without representation, we’re nothing.

I started driving a cab 23 years ago, like many other African drivers. We told ourselves that after college we would stop driving.

However, after college we still drive. After getting a job, we drove and after being laid off from work, we drove.

There is nothing wrong with being a cab driver. It’s like any other job. The only thing wrong about being a cab driver is not enjoying the benefits we all deserve, like earning a good living wage, improving our working conditions, improving our rights to respect and dignity, safe working conditions and health benefits.

We can accomplish all of this if we, the drivers, have representation in one form or another.

Remember, my fellow drivers, “Rome was not built in a day” and in addition, “a thousand miles of journey start with one step.” My fellow African drivers, “this is it.”

Let’s make it happen. United Taxidrivers Community Council will be giving out Registration forms soon. Please fill it out and send it in.

Thanks- See you on the streets,

Paul Archibong