By Ron Florence - Posted on 15 July 2008

Communication is an art that must be open and sincere in our industry. As we struggle to survive and care for our families, some of us truly lack the basic knowledge of effective communication.

Is it: because we can’t trust one another; we think the industry is centered primarily around me and only me; because I know everything in the industry, that I don’t need help or assistance from any individual or organization; or that the government is going to do whatever it wants to do without any or little input from the groups that seek to collectively help the individual cabdriver survive?

Well, we here in the UTCC will be pursuing many efforts to keep all cabdrivers informed about current events and news that you can use. There are so many issues and problems that affect every cabdriver, and every cabdriver has an issue and/or problem that need to be addressed.

At the UTCC we are seeking your issues, problems and concerns in order that we can strive to make life better for all cabdrivers in the future. We, as Chicago cabdrivers, cannot lose any more ground in our efforts to survive and care for our families by allowing the City of Chicago, through its agents, to continue to drain our hardworking dollars from our pockets.

No longer can we wait until the last minute to protest the pains that we and our families feel as a result of being robbed. No longer can we afford to be quiet and accept the desires of the City of Chicago through its agents; for services from affiliations management; disrespect from some of the traveling public; and above all, we must strive at every intersection to communicate with each and every cabdriver.

That fellow cabdriver may have some important news for you. Will you only listen if his comment is “there is a fare to the airport around the corner”, or “is this hotel loading for the airports”?

Communication of this type may put some change in your pocket in the short run, but you really need a steady stream of income to pay for your family’s expenses, etc. So, we must bring our communication together so we all can be on the same page for a desirable effect.

The UTCC is you and you are the UTCC. Communication from both ends will meet to make us healthy, wealthy and wiser in the foreseeable future.