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Incident Report form: What it is and how to use it!

By admin - Posted on 15 October 2008

We members of the UTCC have been working hard to address the many serious issues facing our Chicago cabdriver/worker community here in Chicago.

To be a cabdriver in the City of Chicago means to be exposed to many kinds of indignities, injustices and even illegal acts on a daily basis from many sources. These can come from various City of Chicago employees (such as safety inspection officials or DCS officers), hotel doormen, airport starters, or even random traffic aides or passengers. They can come in many different types of “incidents,” and it is sometimes hard to lump them under one category.

We decided that we should create this “Incident Report Form” in order to collect the many examples of interactions between cabdrivers and City authorities (and various other persons) that we felt were unfair, unjust, or illegal.

Once we collect the many hundreds of reports that we expect we will, we can initiate a process to file collective complaints with the City on a weekly basis. We feel this will be a much more effective type of collective action than each individual driver taking her or his valuable time to complain on their own.

How it works: when you are working in your job as a cabdriver, and something happens that you feel violates your rights or your dignity as a human being, such as an unjust order, or rude speech, or perhaps a possible bribery of a hotel doorman by another driver (whether taxi, limo or Airport Express), take the time to fill out this “Incident Report Form” with all the information, and turn it in to our organization, the UTCC. Once we start to collect these forms, we can analyze them, categorize them into types, and it will better inform us as to how to take collective action to address the issues to make our jobs a better place to work.

Please take these Incident Report Forms seriously, tell all your friends, and make the effort to fill them out when you are the victim of incidents you believe to be unfair or unjust. The form is very comprehensive, asking you to document everything from unfair tickets, to ‘hate speech’ or comments made to insult your ethnicity, religion or skin color.